Pick Your Wiener

Hebrew National all-beef Kosher • Field Roast Apple Sage Vegetarian
Uli’s Famous Sausages: Chicken Apple • Polish Kielbasa • German Bratwurst

Accessorize Your Wiener

 Avocado • Tomato • Cucumber • Sauteed Onion • Raw Onion • Dill Pickle • Lettuce • Cabbage
Homemade Guacamole • Scallion • Tillamook Cheddar Cheese • Jalapeno • Cilantro • Bacon
Philly Cream Cheese • Homemade Pico de gallo • Sport Pepper
Cheese Sauce • Scrambled egg • Sweet Relish

Specialty Wieners

Fajita Dog
Sauteed bell peppers & onions — Homemade fajita sauce
Texas Dog
Melted Tillamook cheddar — Homemade crispy onion straws — Topped with Smokey BBQ Sauce
Dub-T Dog
Creamy cheese sauce — Crushed potato chips — Topped with mustard and ketchup
Morning Glory Dog
Scrambled eggs — Tillamook cheddar — Topped with pepper bacon
Seattle Dog
Philly cream cheese — Generously topped with scallions
PB Dog
Crunch peanut butter — Fresh sliced banana — Topped with chopped peanuts
Po Roll (Sushi Dog)
Fresh cucumber — Philly cream cheese — Panko crusted and deep fried w/ wasabi aioli
Veggie Dog
Field Roast veggie dog — Fresh cucumber — Sauteed onion — Fresh tomato — Jalapeno
Chicago Dog
Dill pickle — Sweet relish — Tomato — Onion — Sport pepper — Spicy mustard & celery salt
South of the Border Dog
Homemade guacamole & pico de gallo — Topped with sour cream
Wasabi Egg-roll Dog
 Wrapped in wonton paper & deep fried — Topped with homemade wasabi aioli
Crisp lettuce — Fresh cut tomatoes — Pepper bacon — Topped with fresh avocado
Deep Fried Danger Dog
Wrapped in pepper bacon & deep fried — Topped with spicy chili sauce & sauteed onion
Mac n’ Cheese Dog
Homemade macaroni and cheese topped with Tillamook cheddar cheese

Doggie Sliders — order of 3 mini hot dog sliders with one topping of your choice


shoestring french fries • deep fried pickles


Macrina Cookies: chocolate chip • ginger molasses • snicker doodle

Wash Your Wiener Down

DosXX Lager • Red Stripe • Newcastle • Sol • Miller High Life • Rainier • Coors Light • Session Lager

Manny’s • Pabst Blue Ribbon

Mexican Coke • Mandarin Jarritos • Fruit Punch Jarritos • Strawberry Jarritos • Henry Weinhardt’s Root Beer

San Pellegrino • Acqua Panna

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