Two chubby chicks

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Two chubby chicks

My name is Sean and I need to tell someone about the most bizarre thing that as ever happened to me. It all started when we got new neighbours in the form of two plump girls that I thought at first to be sisters but later discovered that they were lovers.
Tracey and Stacey were about a size 18 both well over weight and with massive boobs Tracey had long red curly hair and an arse that just begged for a spanking wear as Stacey had long blond hair, they wear both very pretty but just on the chubby size, I found myself wanking off as I watched them in the garden sunning there large fleshy body's.

Then one sunny day as the two girls were sat drinking lager in nothing but there bikinis and I was hiding behind the fence with my cock in hand jerking like my life depended on it when my worst nightmare became Tracey looked directly at me and I was caught red handed. I legged it to my back door with my cock still out to the sound of the two laughing at me. Sat on the sofa I was in tears at the embarrassment that I faced from my wanking actions when the back door opened and Tracey & Stacey walked right in, they wear still only in there bikinis and obviously on the drunk side. Tracey sat next to me and told me that they wanted to watch me finish what I was doing in the garden, when I told them I couldn't Stacey said it's that or we tell everyone about you little jerk session, what could I do I got my cock out and tried to jerk it to life but the little fellow was unresponsive.

This did not go down well with my chubby neighbours and Stacey ordered me to strip naked so they could help me get a hard on, when my clothing was on the floor I was placed between the two girls on the sofa and Tracey took hold of my limp cock and started to stroke me till I was proper hard and my 8" cock stuck out from my body like a battering ram, but if I thought I was going to fuck these chubby bitches I was wrong, Stacey pulled me between her legs and told me to get licking so pulling her bikini bottoms to one side I started to lick the fattest I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. As I was getting my tong as deep in to her as I could Tracey had decided it was time she got to play and I felt her push a chubby finger into my tight (never penetrated by anything before) arse. My cock was proper hard by this time and I was dying to get it in to some . As Tracey fingered my bum hole she reached round and grabbed my cock and as she moved her hand up and down the length of my cock she finger fucked my arse at the same speed. Then Stacey started to orgasm and as she climaxed her plump pussy exploded spraying her cunt juice all over my face, there was gallons of the stuff and it was dripping of my face, this was another first for me I had never seen a girl squirt before.

I was dragged from between Stacey's legs and Tracey licked my face before dragging me into the garden and tied face up to the picnic table my standing up like a little flag pole.
Stacey opened another can of lager as Tracey resumed her work jerking my cock; my legs wear spread out and as Tracey wanked my cock Stacey spat cold lager over my balls.

I was ordered to tell them when I was going to cum and after a couple of minutes of being jerked and ass fingered I told the chubby bitches I was going to cum, then as Tracey let go of my cock she slapped my balls really hard causing me great pain and stopping me from shooting my load, my cock flopped and I was in agony, Stacey took the tip of my cock in to her mouth and sucked on it till I started to harden again, I was told that I still had to tell them when I was getting close to shooting my sperm and that if I just started to cum without telling them this would be the last kinky session we would have and that they would torture my cock & balls as a punishment.

When I was xnxxv sunny leone video proper hard again Stacey rested her bid over my face as Tracey climbed on the table and lowered her sloppy fat shaven pussy over my hard cock and lowered her self-till I was fully impaled in her. For a chubby cow her cunt was still quit tight and I really enjoyed the suction created as she lifted her ass till just the tip of my was in her then dropped back on to me till I was in her to the hilt.

When I again got close to shooting off, I warned them hoping to god they would not whack me in the balls again and wondering what was worse the slap in the balls or the pressure that Stacey put on me as she squeezed my knackers stopping me again from Cumming. Tracey lifted of my cock and then shuffled her big chubby body back till her sloppy pussy was over my face then she lowered herself onto my face I had no choice but to lick her preying she would climax before I suffocated, Stacey was once again sucking on my cock only this time she was taking me deep into her throat and I could feel the cum once again start to build up pressure and that lovely feeling of release coming upon me, then as Tracey finally started to orgasm I lost control and started to cum filling Stacey's mouth with jet after jet of thick creamy cum, Tracey was doing the same to me and as her pussy juice filled my mouth as her arse and cunt suffocated me to near death causing my own cum to be the most intent of my life.

When Tracey finally lifted her fat arse of me and I was able to breathe again I was lay there still tied to the picnic table and covered in cunt juice from both there gushing orgasms Tracey and Stacey informed me that I had forgotten to warn them of my cock exploding and that I would have to be punished for disobeying them.

The girls left me tied up for about half an hour as they cleaned themselves up and when they eventually returned I was sprouting a new hard on wondering what they would do to me and not expecting them to be too nasty, they both had cold lager's with them and Stacey was carrying a bag with her when they returned, they wear now dressed in just panties and matching bra's, Stacey in black and Tracey in white that made her look stunning with her red hair hanging over her shoulders. Tracey started to jerk me off slowly then she asked me if I wanted her to stop or continue using a glove with some lube, I opted for the glove and lube and when she put a rubber washing up glove on and then removed a tube of deep heat muscle relaxant cream from the bag I begged her to stop but she just giggled and squeezed out a big blob of cream into her gloved hand and once again grabbed my cock and continued to jerk me of, the cream burned like hell but I still found pleasure from the action her gloved hand was giving me, Tracey then offered me another choice, natural or artificial, I chose natural and Tracey reached into the bag and got out a pair of garden gloves and then walked to the bottom of the garden and returned with a bunch of nettles and placed a hand full of stinging leaves between my leg right under my balls.

I realised that I would be given a choice to every one of my tortures and asked what the other option would have been and Trace told me it was a handful of fiberglass loft insulation, I still had a hard on and Stacey asked me if I wanted her finger or something else inserting into my arsehole, the smile on her face made me go for something else and reaching into her bag of tricks she removed a small 7" cock shaped dildo and after spitting on it she inserted it into my arse hole after I got used to the size it was not that a feeling and was much better than a finger covered in the deep heat cream probing my bum hole. I was once again approaching the point of no return and warned them of my predicament, to my Stacey just carried on and let me enjoy my orgasm without further torture, and as I was shooting the last of my cum over my own face and chest Tracey said ok babe what's it to be, front or back, I opted for the front not knowing what I had coming to real forced anal against her will me, Trace straddled my face for the second time and as I looked up at her shaven fat cunt she started to piss all over my face it was hot a smelled really bad but I have to admit to finding it very erotic and just to prove to myself and the girls how much I liked it when I was told to open my mouth I did so gladly, and just to make my torture better when Tracey finished and dismounted my face, Stacey took her place and once again I found myself getting covered in piss from a big plump pussy.

They left me on the picnic table for about an hour soaking in the urine and itching from the nettle stings under my balls before I was untied and told that from now on if I wanted to masturbate as I looked at them I was to do it openly and may be they might let me join them in their bedroom sometime, something that I have done on a few occasions so far, and let me tell you there is nothing better than getting your cock sucked by a fat lass as another licks your "x