Choice Encounter

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Choice Encounter

Ryan had one group of friends that he /hung/">hung around frequently. Every week they'd get together at someone's house and hang out for a few hours after dark. One day things took a pleasant but unexpected turn.

Amanda was a petite but good looking girl. She was also a /friend/good-friend/">good friend of Ryan's. She had strawberry /blonde/">blonde hair down to her shoulders and a /butts/tight-butt/">tight butt with shapely legs and 'B' cup breasts. Her tits weren't enough to titty fuck but just enough to drive a man into a frenzy.

One night Ryan was hanging out with everyone. He saw the food and began picking at the cheesecake on the counter in front of him. Amanda saw him standing there and decided to make a move. She'd been eyeing him up long enough. She walked straight in front of Ryan and squeezed in between him and the counter. She began picking at the cheesecake the wwwxxx and pressed herself back against him. He saw her come over and was surprised to have her stand that close to him. He could feel her pressed up against him. His groin was firmly pressed into her firm ass and was growing harder by the minute. He decided he'd rather do something and get chewed out than not take advantage of a prime opportunity. He placed his hands on either side of her waist and slowly slid them down her hips, over her thighs around back and up to her cheeks. He gently gave them a squeeze as he whispered into her ear.

"You have a really /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass."
As if in answer she pressed her butt into his hands and groin even harder.
"You want to do something later?" He asked.
"I'd preffer sooner than later."
"How about now?"
"As long as you get the room." She answered with a grin on her face.
This completely shocked him. His jaw hung open and his eyes grew as big as dinner plates.
"Or not." She said.
"Where at?" He wasn't going to miss this chance.
"Your choice."
At that they turned and left to Ryan's car.

Ryan hurried to the nearest motel as the hormones were flowing like /crazy/">crazy. After a few minutes of silence Ryan reached over and slowly ran his hand up and down her upper thigh. This just served to increase his desire. Once at the motel he quickly got a room and hurried down the hall with the key in one hand and the little lady in the lead. He looked down and stared at her ass as she walked. It shook back and forth and screamed squeeze me. Her jeans hugged her figure perfectly so he could see every curve she had. Her T-shirt was tied into a knot just a little above the belly button and her nipples poked through the fabric because a 'B' cup didn't need a bra according to her.

They opened the door, entered the room and locked the door behind them. He turned and embraced Amanda. He pulled her close, planted his lips on hers and intertwined their tongues together. He planted his left hand square on her ass and ran his right hand up the middle of her back as he pulled her tightly to him. She passionately returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning into him pressing her breasts into his chest. He could feel her soft breasts and nubs smush into his chest. He stroked her hair with his right hand just before she pushed him away. She pulled back a few inches, grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head tossing it onto the floor before resuming the embrace. A moment later she slid her hands down his neck and started unbuttoning his shirt without breaking the kiss. 

Soon his shirt joined hers on the floor and he was brought to new heights as he felt her bare chest pressed into his. He reached down, placed one hand under each thigh and picked her up wrapping her legs around his waist as they kissed. He walked over to the bed and laid her down. He broke the kiss and began slowly licking and nibbling his way down her neck, across her collar bone and straight to her tits. He placed one hand on one tit and began rubbing and massaging it as he went to work on the other. He flicked his tongue across her hardened nipple. She let out a slight gasp and arched her back slightly. He softly sucked on the nipple and squeezed her soft globes. He took his mouth off her nipple and blew on it sending cold chills down her spine and another gasp out her mouth. He looked up and saw her head tilted back, eyes closed and her hands together above her head. That gave him an idea for later. He moved his hands down to her jeans, unfastened the button and unzipped the zipper. He began licking and kissing his way down her stomach as he slowly pulled her jeans off and threw them into the corner of the room. He was now positioned between her legs staring at a noticably damp spot on her white panties right over her pussy. He ran his fingertips over the smooth white fabric covering her pelvis. She let out a quiet moan and lifted her pelvis off the bed at the touch of his fingers. 

When he moved to her inner thigh and began licking and kissing his way down her leg she let out a small whine. Nonetheless he continued down the inside of her thigh straight down to her midcalf before switching over to the other leg and working his way back up. When he got back to her panties he hooked two fingers under the elastic band and eased them down her legs before tossing them onto the increasing pile of clothing. He looked at the glistening mound before him and marveled at its beauty. He brought his face closer and ran the tip of his tongue up the slit. Her breathing quickened and she began to squirm slightly in anticipation and desire. She suddenly wrapped her legs around his head pulling him in. He took the hint. He pressed one finger on either side of her pussy, thus opening the lips. He pushed his tongue inside and roamed around the upper area until he found a nub and she let out a loud gasp. He flicked his tongue across the nub, twirled it around in circles and licked it like a lolly pop. After a few minutes Her breathing became very quick, she started moaning loudly and tossing her head to and fro. He quickened the pace which made her start squirming pretty good. Soon she quickly took in a deep breath, arched her back and lifted her pelvis off the bed right before unleashing a torrent of cum all over his face. When she stopped cumming, she let her legs fall to the bed and released him from her grip. He took his face away from her pussy and gazed upon the beauty. She was shaking like a leaf and only partially coherent.

He laid down next to her and gazed into her face until she stopped shaking.
"I need a minute. Let me rest." She said
"Okay. I'll be right back."

He quickly got dressed and went out to his car. He opened the trunk, picked up a black bag, closed the trunk and hurried to the motel kitchen. He grabbed a couple things and dashed back to the room. When he got back he saw she was laid out flat on the bed. She was still and her breathing was normal again. When he walked toward the bed she wondered what he had.
"What's that bag for?"
"You'll see."

He stripped back down to his boxers and reached into the bag and pulled out a blindfold.
"What?" She said

He tied the blindfold around her eyes and pulled out a few pairs of fuzzy handcuffs. He pulled her arms above her head like he saw her do earlier and cuffed her hands to the headboard. He then spread her legs apart and cuffed them to the footboard.
"I feel kinda vulnerable and exposed here."
"Shush you. That's the point."

He ran his hands down her body and carressed each part of her. He fondled her breasts and rubbed her pussy. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a large, soft feather. He started at her face and slowly tickled her nose, then her lips. He moved down to her breasts and teased her nipples before moving down to her stomach. He got a nice gasp out of her and even a little bit of squirming when he tickled her nipples and stomach. He tickled his way down her thighs and tossed it aside. He reached over to the nightstand and picked an ice cube out of the dish he filled. He began his routine again. Touched the ice to the tip of her nose then took it away. He popped it into his mouth for a second, then took it out. He held it an inch or two above her lips and let a couple drops fall onto her lips. She shook her head slightly then stuck her tounge out to catch the falling drops. he touched the ice to her top lip. She tried grabbing the ice with her mouth but he quickly pulled out of her reach. he then touched it to her bottom lip. She tried again to grab the ice but failed. She started giggling as he touch it to her lips and the tip of her tounge. He pulled the ice away and kissed her. He pulled away and traced a line down her neck and across her chest. The ice leaving a trail across each breast and around each nipple before he traced the ice across each hardened nub. He teased her nipples by flicking the ice across them sending chills down her spine once more. Unsteadily she took in a deep breath and slightly pushed her chest into the ice cube. He continued dragging the ice down her stomach and stopped just above her pussy. He put the remainder of the ice back into the dish. He then pulled some flavored syrup out of the bag. He drizzled over her neck, down over her collar bone, liberally covering her tits, poured some over her stomach, on the inside of her thighs and between her legs.

"Yick! This stuff is sticky. You better be planning on cleaning this stuff up boy, my lips are sticking togeth..."

He cut her off by pouring some into her mouth. He placed the bottle onto the nightstand and lowered his mouth onto hers. He locked her into a passionate kiss tasting the syrup on her tounge. After a few moments he pulled back and bagan he lengthy task of cleaning off all the syrup. At first she began giggling and squirming but the giggles gave way to small moans and gasps. When he got to her pussy she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was exhibiting the same state as earlier. He began licking and sucking the syrup off her pussy and out from between the wwwxxx lips.
"No more! I can't take it anymore. You're driving me crazy, I need you." She cried.

At that he pulled his boxers off and threw them into the corner. He lowered onto the bed and situated himself between her legs. He slowly pushed into her pussy as she moaned loudly.
"Baby, I need you to pick up your ass a little, I'm having trouble getting past your pelvis."
"I'm kinda tied up at the moment, you do it."

He reached under her and placed one hand under each cheek and lifted. He pushed the rest of the way in and began thrusting in and out while squeezing and massaging her ass cheeks. After a few moments went by he reached back and unfastened the cuffs fastening her legs to the footboard. She lifted her ass in the air a bit and he leaned forward and started fondling her tits. She began moaning and thrusting back against him so he picked up the pace. Her warm and tight walls squeezing him, sliding in and out of the slick tunnel, the feel of her thighs against his, her breasts jiggling with each thrust and the feel of her firm ass was sending him into heaven. He began pumping as fast and hard as he could. Her moans picked up volume and emotion until they were nearly short screams. Suddenly her pussy tightened up and she shot cum onto his groin. A few seconds of that was all he could take. He closed his eyes and shot hard into her. When they both faded back, he pulled out and laid down next to her. He reached up and unfastened the handcuffs and removed the blindfold. She looked into his eyes and smiled. He saw the stars in her eyes. She rolled onto her side facing away from him and he pulled himself close to her and wrapped his arms around her.

..."I love you."
"I love you too baby."