Laundry Day

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Laundry Day

My wife, being a kind and generous person, offered to look after our neighbors pet during their vacation, however the pet was to remain in their house. Not only was my wife a generous person, but she was also a petite knock-out with firm round breasts; standing only 5 /feet/">feet tall at 100 lbs.

At different times of the day, she would disappear to feed the animal, however I began to notice that her departures seemed to take longer periods of time. This of course tweaked my curiosity, as our neighbors were only two doors down.

One afternoon I decided to discreetly follow my wife down to our neighbor?s home to see what was going on, and what I saw absolutely blew me away.

Betty entered the home in the front door, and I quickly moved to the side window to catch a glimpse of her moving to the kitchen area. Standing on my tip toes, I could see her pour fresh water into the cats bowl, and replenish the animals? food. As she walked back to the cupboard however, she reached down between her legs with her free hand, and began to slowly stroke her cunt through her pale blue shorts. Oh my God, I thought, she is getting horny. What is she up to?

Then she disappeared into the basement, where I lost complete sight of her antics. As I continued to peer thought the window, I saw that she had returned with a large basket of laundry. Was she continuing to assist with other chores on their behalf?

As she moved into the living area of the house, I quickly ran to the back of the house and quietly stepped onto the deck where the vantage point was absolutely perfect.

Well let me tell you, the series of events that followed absolutely shocked me, yet drove me wild.

From her purse, she removed a DVD and inserted it into the player at the end of the room.

As the DVD began to play, she then quickly entered the kitchen, returning with alain lyle porn a bowl which she placed next to her on the couch.

As the title of the movie appeared on the screen, I was astonished to see that Betty was about to watch a porno?and not just any porno, but a lesbian flick!

Jesus, she was a real kink?but I had no idea of how far she was about to go?

As the video played on, Betty watched a lovely /brunette/">brunette squat over the face of her friend who was gaping her long gash. Betty now began spread her legs wide to reveal a dark blue stain in her crotch region. Her pussy was really beginning to flow, and let me tell you guys, she can really get wet. Then reaching for the laundry basket, and pulled several articles from the top of the pile!!

Holy crap, it looked like she had the soiled panties of her friend in her hand!

As she continued to watch the girls eat each others dripping snatches, Betty carefully placed 4 pairs of panties on the coffee table in front of her. Unfolding them just the right way, the crotch of each panty faced up exposing a long and crusty stain of dried pussy discharge. Jesus, her friend must have an absolutely massive gash, not to mention a very overactive cunt, as the thick crust on each pair must have been at least 5 inches long.

Now removing her own crotch soaked panties, she carefully placed them into the crusted pile. Sliding of the couch, she firmly planted her knees on the floor, and slowly lowered her face into the soiled panties. I could see that she began to breathe in deeply.

Man on man, watching my wife smell the dirty /underwear/">underwear of her friend almost made me pass out with passion.

Feverously she began to deeply bury the fingers of both hands into her sopping gash. And let me tell you, for a petite gal, she has one massive hole. As she began to thrust her hips forward to further expose her /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole to her hands, she lifted her head from the panties just high enough to allow her tongue to dart out to taste the salty stains.

As she continued to pound her meat, smell the /dirty/dirty-panties/">dirty panties and watch the DVD, she eventually lifted her head to more closely watch the movie. On the screen a /brunette/skinny-brunette/">skinny brunette squatted over the face of her friend, and pounded a massive dildo in and out of her indian santali xvideo hole. Then quickly removing the rubber dong from her gaping slit, she began to force out a massive flood of clear liquid cum. Hold crap?she almost drowned the girl below her?

Watching Betty squirm with delight, she reached for the bowl on the couch, and placed it in front of her swollen and gaping gash. Prying her cunt open with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other, Betty began to spray a massive amount of cunt juice into the bowl.

Quickly reaching down, she grabbed the bowl, and brought it to her lips.

Gulping her own juices, my wife?s hips bucked wildly in a monstrous /climax/">climax.

What a sight!!