Fed up to Master part 1

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Fed up to Master part 1

Im a 26 year old man who has been married to Cathy, my very pushy and abrupt wife for four years. I'm an assistant manager in a property developing company and until four months ago my life was very average and constantly had me wondering why i ever married the dragon from hell.

I'd dashed out of the house the morning it all began, firstly because i was running late and secondly because she was nagging again.I got into work and began the routine of the day when my manager Ray asked me for some papers i had had to prepair for him;

"Damn i forgot to pick them up Ray" I said slapping my forhead.
"I need them today John, you'll have to nip home for them" Ray replied not looking very pleased.

Off home i went and as i pulled into the road i saw my friends car(Trevor) outside the house. I thought this was very odd because he was usually at work at this time of day, i walked round the back of the house and was just about to go in the door when i heard cath say in a panic stricken voice;

"But I havnt got it, you said it would be ok for three months"
"Well things have changed and you have to pay it back now" replied Trevor.
"Well you cant have it" she snapped at him.
"Ok i'll just let John know you borrowed it and get it off him"
"NO, NO please dont let John know".

She had gone into a blind panic and this was something i had never seen before.
"How can i pay you, it will take me another month to get it"
He moved up to her very close and put his hand onto her hips,
"You can pay me in kind and i'll put the money back"
"What do you think your doing? Stop that"
"No, you will pay in kind or i'll tell John all about you cash problems".

He pushed her further against the worksurface in the kitchen and as he did i felt my prick rise, yes i should have burst in and hit him but i wanted to see what happened.

"You-you cnat do this to me" cath protested as Trevor began to rub up and down her sides pushing her T shirt up as he did. She was trying to push him away but he just kept he pinned there.
"If i stop then i tell john, its as simple as that. Do you want me to bokep sma pecah perawan tell him?"
"Oh noooooooo but this is rape"
"Nonsense, its installments. Now move your arms by your side"
Cath kept her arms across her breasts and looked defiant at him.
"DO IT,Now" Trevor said in a very comanding voice, cath looked shocked and immediatly dropped her arms. Trevor smiled and lifted up her T shirt then began to knead her breasts through her bra. I by this time was stunned with shock but very hard indeed and i watch as he undid her bra and savoured her quite large, firm round breasts.He played with her nipple for a while and i could see she ws scalet with embarresment then he lowered his head and began to suck them. She just stood there and i dont think she knew what to do, Trev sat on a kitchen chai a few /feet/">feet away and then beckoned her to him with his finger, she just stood there and Trev raised an eyebrow which said do it or else.She walked over and stood in front of him, he looked her up and down and raised her knee length skirt up around her waist.

"Mmmmmm white cotton panties, very virginal and sexy" he said
""OH really" cath said in an annoyed voice.
"Turn around so i can see ur bottom" ordered Trev. cath reluctantly did so and Trev admired her bottom and began to play with it and feel her.
"Full panties, hmmm next time i want you to wear a /thong/">thong" Trev said in a masterful voice.
"NEXT TIME!!!!" exclamed cath;
"Yes, i think about five installments will pay off your debt dont you"
"NO i dont, this is the one and only time your rapeing me".

With that Trev stood up and spun cath around so she old waman xxxgx was spead face down across the kitchen table, WACK, WACK WACK. He had given her three sharp smacks across her knickered bottom. She screamed out at the top of her voice and i looked nervously around incase any of the neighbours came out.
"I said FIVE, do you understand me girl" and with that he ripped her panties down to her knees then gave her her four more heavy wacks on her bottom(two on each cheek). She screamed and began to cry and sob, i almost cum in my undies with the thrill.
"Do you understand?"
"ye--yessss" cath sobbed out.

Trev then began to play with her bottom and from the view i had i could see his finger slipping into her pussy which gave me a shock because i could see she was very wet indeed. I stood in a daze watching and then suddenly cath tried to jump up bit Trev held her firmly with one arm.
"No, no, no you dirty bastard" cath growled in a very viscious voice.

I focused and could see Trevor had one finger in her pussy and one in her ass and was pushing hard with them both, when she complained he spanked her(quite visciously) several times.
"Stay still, you have no say i own you now do you understand?"
She didnt reply she just kept very still;
"I asked you a question and it requires a reply" he said in a really stern voice.
"Yes" she replied , but her voice had suddenly become meak and humble,something i had never heard in her before.
"Yes what?"
"ye--yes Sir". i was so stunned by this that it took me a few seconds to notice that he had begun finering her bottom again and there was no resistance from cath just total surender, He admired the tightnes of her and commented on it more than once as he used her.He then knelt down and licked both her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass with total comliance from cath. I admired the way he had tamed her and wished i had done it long ago as he took out his penis and gave her the thrusting of her life. She climaxed several times before he did and when he had finally shot his load cath stood up and faced him very meak and dutyfull.

"Kneel down and clean me up, theres a /good/good-girl/">good girl" he said to cath; without hesitstion she knelt and sucked him for about five minutes. It was in this time that i had thought back to the night Trev had got REALLY drunk and said to me that he had trained his wife (Debbie) into a very good"slut /bitch/">bitch slve" to use his own words and thats when my plan flashed into my head. I niped round the front and made a lot of noise getting through the door so they would have time to sort themselves.

"Trevor, hows it going mate. You call for anything special?"
"Hi John, not really just wondered if cath would tell you i'm going for a drink tonight and to see if you wanted to come"
"Godd idea, infact i have a propersition i want to put to you"
"And what's that" Cath butted in, she seemed to have regained her composure and back to her usual self.

"never you mind, i'm sure you'll find out soon enough" i said quite forcably which gave Cath a bit of a shock. She then started stareing behind me on the floor and i knew she had spotted her ripped off panties, i pretended not to see them and grabbed my notes. As i walked out the house i reminded Trevor i'd see him that night------- Shapter two soon.