Giving her what she asked for

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Giving her what she asked for

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Until one day she called me and told me to come over her /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad were not there so we can fuck. I told her I would be there soon I knocked on the door my cock was already hard. She answered the door all ready naked she pulled me in and stared to suck my cock.

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I asked her if she would like for me to stop she said NO not b4 u cum inside me. I told her if that’s what she wanted so I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could.

The way her ass clapped on me made me /crazy/">crazy I know I would have to cum soon. She know to she began to scream and asked for my cum inside her. I pushed trying to go deeper milf porn videos and deeper inside her so hard and fast.

I jammed inside her on last time b4 my cock could take no more I came inside her and pulled my cock out to see it come back out. The way her ass was gaped and red.

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