Breeding Brides 2

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Breeding Brides 2

After another hour we finished and said our goodbyes. Satisfied with their days work the men left and I led Kathy somewhat gingerly down the stairs and outside to the car. She was worn out from the afternoon. Both emotionally and physically. I could see it in her face. The day certainly hadn?t turned out the way we had planned. We had intended just to watch Vikki but Kathy had ended up being bred just as hard. I don?t think she could believe what had happened. Likely still in shock. Both women had shared a last knowing glance as they parted. Each wondering if the other would be the one to fall /pregnant/">pregnant? It was what they both wanted. Even if this had been Kathy?s first session. I couldn?t help but wonder on her words to one of the men. Was she already putting his cum to work??

Over the next few days Kathy felt what I can only imagine was a mixture of shame and guilt over that she had done. How could she face our family or our friends? She kept asking me if I felt about her any different. I couldn?t lie. Of course I loved her but I had really enjoyed watching the three /fucking/men-fucking/black-men-fucking/">black men fucking them both. It had just happened. We had been fully sucked into Bob and Vikki?s world and deep down Kathy had enjoyed it too. It was that small fact that played on her conscience. Perhaps she even wanted to go through with such an event again. Having been turned on from the start. She loved the strong, intimidating men. Each xxx of them taking turns with her as she lay alongside her /friend/new-friend/">new friend Vikki. Being bred so powerfully and all in front of her husband.?

A month or so past. As well as Vikki?s next video which she kindly sent to us. After the first four weeks had past Kathy bought one of those home pregnancy tests. We already knew that Vikki was still negative. I waited outside the bathroom while my wife carried it out on herself. When she finally opened the door her eyes where wet and she looked a little shaky. She wasn?t pregnant. Though she must have truly believed she was going to have a baby and I could see the disappointment clear as day. It seemed she would need the treatment again if she was ever going to get in the club. That negative test made her more determined. Knowing she wouldn?t ever be satisfied until she carried the shame of a black baby inside her.?

When Vikki and Bob sent us an further invitation Kathy wanted some time to think it over. For several days she delayed. Her conscience pulling her this way and that. The more Kathy thought about it, the more she knew she had to do it. I always knew she?d say ?YES? and we had soon accepted. Bob was planning to bring in four black studs to service the two women. I don?t know the details. He claimed to find them on the internet and wrote to each in person. Bob did have his contacts and he knew how to get hold of black men who preferred ?white?. I was of course, very keen on there being an extra guest. It meant there would be an extra pair of balls smacking between my wife?s legs. Not to mention a lot more cum squirting deep into her cunt.?

That morning I drove Kathy into town. She wanted to have her hair done and was insistent on looking her very best. As proud and stylish as she is, my wife was desperate to satisfy the men. She needn?t have worried because I knew they where going to love pumping her full of their seed. I remembered how they had treated both Kathy and Vikki on the last occasion. Her figure has always been very shapely. With a slim waist, great legs and nice, /tits/big-tits/">big tits. We where hopeful that pretty soon, she would have a bulging belly too. After our last excursions had so taken her by /surprise/">surprise, Kathy had talked little of it. It had taken her a while to come to terms. Though we both knew it would only be a matter of time until she fell pregnant for real.

Bob had set another twist to the days excitement. In that he wanted both women to wear their wedding dresses for the shoot. I thought it was a great idea. Every woman?s wedding dress is special to her and I knew I?d love to see Kathy flaunting those precious memories. It would be an extra treat for the men too. Having two white brides to dump their loads inside. Kathy dress was in good condition. She had kept it in the loft, wrapped neatly in plastic. Safe from dust and damp. I searched around for a while, brought it down and let my wife take her time unwrapping it. It certainly brought back memories as she tried it on in our bedroom. The /first-time/">first time in 5 years. I knew right away that the men where in for a treat. Fresh and white. The very sign on fertility and purity.

We set off early on our drive. Kathy wearing a short, revealing gold dress with slender straps and a low cut front. She looked like she was going to a dinner party. Not a gangbang. Though the wedding dress was in the boot of our car. As before we met Bob and Vikki in the lobby of the hotel. It was a nice, secluded place. Away from the city and suitably quiet. The blonde was hopeful that today would be her day. As we had drinks Kathy was thoughtful. She knew what was coming later and I could tell how nervous yet excited she was about going through with it. As on our last meeting the couple tried their up most to be welcoming towards Kathy. They could perhaps see how torn she was. Yet there was an extra spice in Vikki?s eye. I had begun to suspect that she felt a little more strongly about my wife than she let on.

To the onlooker we where two regularly couples catching up on old times. Bob and I toasted the two women. Just as we had done so a white van pulled up outside. I recognised one of the men who got out from the first shoot. He had been the largest of the three with the biggest cock and the one who had shown Kathy the most attention. I was pleased he had come back. The other men I hadn?t seen before but one had much darker skin than the others. We certainly wouldn?t have trouble telling if he was the father of any baby. Kathy put down her glass. She stiffened visibly in her chair as the men came through the door and took seats around us. Vikki and Bob welcomed them warmly though it was obvious that they enjoyed imposing themselves. Extra pleased and surprised that Kathy was here too. She had come back for more.?

They where equally satisfied that each of the women had put such an effort into their appearance. Both our wives had wanted porn videos download to look as desirable as possible. Vikki wore a very sexy black dress. Her tits neatly on show. The men sat around enjoying their bodies and looking forward to later. They were arrogant and forward and the mood immediately changed. In particular, the man I had recognised sat looking at my wife. His chin resting confidently on his finger as his eyes ran up and down her figure. There was instinctive aggression in his horny eyes. Both Kathy and Vikki where hot. Though there was no question who he was most looking forward to drilling later. Not wanting to be cheap I bought us all drinks. It gave the men more time to eye the women and hopefully for my wife to relax.

?Are you men ready to fuck us?? Vikki grinned, drawing a similar smile from Bob. She could be very forthcoming but to her credit she knew exactly what she wanted. I put my head down afraid one of the hotel staff would hear. As I glanced at Kathy she was also concerned. Almost as if she was having second thoughts. Seeing this, the blonde reached out and put her hand on Kathy?s shoulder. ?And make sure you shoot nice and deep inside this one? she added.?
?Don?t worry about that? the once who had been looking at Kathy closest said. His voice was deep. We all knew he meant it. It was true and he held Kathy?s eye a short while before my wife looked away. That certainly seemed to break the ice. Kathy smiled down into her lap. Recognising what a pounding he was going to give her later.?

Together we all went into the lift. Kathy and Vikki stood among the four much taller men. Myself and Bob pushed to the back. They had already begun to take over. Vikki was as agreeable as ever and grinned as one put his hands on her tits. Groping her breasts in his big palms as the blonde revelled in the attention. My own wife remained noticeably tense. Watching her friend flirt unashamedly. When another of the men touched her ass I noticed her swallow dryly. Her arms hanging rigidly by her sides as she glanced at me. A look of arousement and anxiety rolled up into one. Almost immediately the dark skinned man reached out and brushed his palm over both her tits. Though she returned his smile she seemed a little intimidated. Certainly against the strong, black bulls that surrounded her. Running their eyes up and down her body.?

We left the lift and went to the room. It was indeed bigger than the last. Bright, with thin lace curtains covering the windows. Two single beds stood against the wall. Separated by a table and a narrow isle. We where here now and there was no turning back. The men where considerably more horny and as Bob got his camera out they became distinctly more impatient. Vikki, ever willing, went between them. Kissing each heavily on the lips. This drew a smile from her husband who enjoyed watching her act like a slut. The men threw regular looks at Kathy. Perhaps eager for her to show some similar familiarity. For now she watched. Almost envious of how the other woman was behaving. It didn?t make her any less of a target. If anything the men seemed even more encouraged to breed this proud woman hard.

I went to get Kathy?s wedding dress from the car. Throwing her a look as I past. I felt she needed to flirt more and she seemed to understand what I wanted. When I returned my wife was in a heated embrace with one of the men. Everyone was looking on as their lips met and his big hands groping her ass. Stopping on my arrival the couple smiled. First at each other then the rest of us. Each impressed. Bob had stripped the two single beds to just a sheet and pillow. He already had Vikki?s dress handy though had waited until I returned. His wife was still chatting and flirting. Sitting on one of the men?s knee with her arms draped around his solid neck. Kathy was visibly relaxing. I could see it as two of the men talked seductively to her. Hands on hips, nodding and smiling as they felt her breasts through the dress.

There was still a feeling of aggression in the room. It was clear the men where ready to fuck Vikki and Kathy. My wife felt knew it. She took the dress from me, her smile weakening as she waited for her friend. Then we all waited as the two ladies readied themselves in the adjoining room. They where quite a long time and hardly a word was uttered while they where away. Bob tinkered with his camera. Hardly paying attention to anyone. It didn?t matter. I knew Kathy would put every effort into her appearance and I suspected the Vikki would be similarly proud. She would be sat at a mirror until she was satisfied. I wondered what they would talk about. How I might feel if my wife fell pregnant from today?s activity.?

At last the door opened and the two of them came walking in. Vikki leading the way. Beaming as happily as she probably had on her wedding day. I don?t think anyone had a limp dick. She wore a slim, stylish number. Cut off at the knee and white with pink in colour. With a large extravagant gold strap which ran from top to bottom. Kathy?s dress was more traditional. Together with the veil which she wore down. The dress reached from the top of her neck, covered her cleavage with pretty embroidered lace which ran down each arm. It favoured a respectable look. Typically billowing out from her waist right down to the pretty white shoes. The quality showed. My wife even carried the very bouquet of red and white flowers she had on our wedding day. Both Bob and I shared a moment. Remembering our old days and completely forgetting the black men eager to breed our two brides.